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LinkedIn is a key part of our sales prospecting
Tappy saves me hours every week

- Annie, Founder @ Onloop

I grew my LinkedIn followers from 4k-35k
If I had Tappy it would have been so much faster

- Jake, AE @ Google

"Maximize your reach by sharing meaningful knowledge and advice"

- LinkedIn Head of Product & Editor in Chief, on Entrepreneur.com

In the past, LinkedIn would amplify posts that received a lot of comments.

Now it rewards posts that get "meaningful comments." This means that people aren't just dashing off empty comments — stuff like "great!" or "so true!" — but are instead actually responding to the content of the post.

Grow your personal brand, faster

Build new relationships on LinkedIn. Publish thoughtful comments to other content creators and community members.

Automate sales prospecting

Personalized comments are a quick way to nurture your sales funnel. Put community engagement on easy mode with 1-tap comments.
What is Tappy?

Tappy is a simple AI browser extension to help you add thoughtful (and human-sounding!) comments to LinkedIn posts in one tap.

Unlike most other AI browser extensions, the quality of Tappy's comments is phenomenal. Try it for free yourself.

What is Tappy used for?

Sales prospecting - engage with recent LinkedIn posts from prospects to stay top-of-mind.

Personal branding - add a comment to other content creators posts to boost your own visibility and grow your audience.

Finding a job - engage with job postings and with managers on LinkedIn to increase your candidate visibility.

What is your data privacy policy?

- The Tappy Chrome extension only has data access to LinkedIn.com and Tappy.ai urls. That's limited by the Chrome permissions we ask for during install.

- More specifically on LinkedIn, Tappy only analyzes text from the posts that you comment on. We do not analyze all LinkedIn content as you're scrolling the page - that would not be acceptable. Once you request an AI comment or reply, Tappy will analyze the text on the particular post and send it to our API for processing.

- As of today we only gather text from the post - this includes the text in the top of the post, and comments made on the post. We have been getting feature requests to analyze images/carousels/videos in posts as well, and it's possible we do that in the future.

- We use end-to-end encryption for all data in flight/storage. We do not store any LinkedIn post content - that also breaks LinkedIn TOS. We do save some basic metadata (timing of AI request, etc) and we do store our generated AI comment for ongoing product improvement and we have internal policies to handle that data appropriately.

We don't sell data your data, because we don't store any useful data to sell.

What browsers are supported?

Tappy is available as a Chrome Extension. Visit the downloads page for more information.

Why is Tappy's free account limited to 5 comments per day?

Running an ML/AI product is expensive

Please sign up for one of our paid plans for more AI comments, or reach out to us about team plans (for sales & recruiting teams)

How do I upgrade/downgrade my account?

Reach out to us at hello@tappy.ai and we'll help

Why did you create Tappy?

I've spent the past year using LinkedIn to attract customers for multiple software products. Commenting on relevant LinkedIn posts from other LinkedIn users is an _extremely_ effective way of marketing yourself and your products/services.

As an example, we also own www.staffparty.com - our first 2 (and many more!) customers for Staffparty came directly from LinkedIn comments and posts.

Who are you?

Hi, I'm Patrick! I'm a product/engineering executive (NASA, Galileo, Attentive), now building AI and influence-tech products. Connect with our team at hello@tappy.ai